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Welcome to Koala Map

KoalaMap is an exceptionally powerful tool, nothing like it exists anywhere else in the world.
KoalaMap is the result of $8 million dollars worth of research, 2000 field sites, a database of
over 100,000 trees and 25 years of hard work by the Australian Koala Foundation.
Its aims are simple;

  • To effectively identify and rank Koala habitats for Koalas.
  • To use the information to identify regeneration projects or of broader landscapes.*
  • To record individual sightings of Koalas.

It’s important to note that whilst tracking and recording of animals is important, the key is to retain quality habitat,
without that there will be no more sightings. Before we get started, here is a basic tutorial of how KoalaMap works.

Habitat Do you have mapped Koala Habitat (KHA) near you? Here is how to find out.

Sightings Here is a quick guide to sightings, this is how to record a Koala if you have seen one.

KoalaMap is provided to you, the public for FREE. To keep this service up and running,
we need your support,

click here to make a tax-deductible donation.


* If interested in regeneration projects, please click here to find out more.
A detailed User Guide is available to download here.
By clicking ‘Lets Get Started’ you agree to the Terms and Condition of KoalaMap, found here.
For information regarding meta-data and methodology, please mail to

Green is a healthy Koala sighting
Yellow is a sick or injured Koala sighting
Red is a dead Koala
The icons below mean the same as the ones above but include a photo or video that you can view if you click on the sighting.

Id Sighting Date Condition Description Created Updated Observer Name Observer Group
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Koala Sightings:
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To print a KoalaMap map, we recommend you create a PDF document which will automatically incorporate a scale bar and legend.

Select a map size (either A4 Portrait or A3 Portrait) using the drop-down box. A sample map is automatically generated.

If you wish to refine the area automatically included in the map, push the Select button, click-and-drag the area you wish to select (i.e. move the mouse pointer to the top left corner of the map you wish to print and click the mouse button, hold down the mouse button, and drag the pointer to the bottom right corner of the map you wish to print, and then release the mouse button). A new sample map is generated.

If you are satisfied with the new sample map, press the Save as PDF button. There will be a delay of 2-5 minutes while the PDF is constructed due to the high resolution of the underlying imagery. You can either save the PDF to disk, or open and print in a PDF reader.

Sample Map

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